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We manufacture tools and equipment that will make your job easier and more profitable.


Double S Manufacturing was founded in 1987 to cater specifically to the lawn care industry.  Our goal is to provide quality, industrial replacement parts for various brands of sprinkler installation equipment.  Since our inception, we have created additional products to make your job easier and more efficient.

In 1990, in association with the University of Nebraska Research, a stronger grade of steel was developed for the use in our Plow Blades.  The Bullet design, which used a 2” standard bullet, was developed to prevent blades from “walking” out of the ground, especially in compacted or clay soil.  Pipe depth is more uniform, especially where lines must cross, because as blades are raised for the crossing, the pipe is not pulled out, but instead remains well below ground level.  No more stops to hand dig or repair crossings!

Using proven, custom designed adjustments of blade angles and special hardened, sharp blade edges, Double S now provides very high quality replacement Plow Blades for nearly any brand of sprinkler plowing equipment.  We can custom build these products to match your equipment.  Please contact us if you do not see a product that matches up with the model you are using.

When your income is based on job completion, it only makes sense to spend no more than the minimum time required to professionally complete the job.  Wasted time cleaning a yard, repairing sod, or fixing equipment can seriously cut productivity.  Double S products will help you maximize your production in the hours you spend. 

Double S Products are built with the goal of – 

  • Proper Fit 
  • Innovative Design 
  • Sturdy Construction 
  • Quick and Easy Installation 

To back it all up, we guarantee all of our products!  All Double S Products have a 60-day guarantee. (The guarantee is void if products are installed improperly or used in improper conditions.)

To order these products, call us at 1-800-554-8715.  Orders must exceed $1,500 (net price) per calendar year to maintain dealer status.


We manufacture our products to do the best job on the lawns you are putting in with the least visible damage. Our SPA with adjustable blade will sneak with minimal cleaning or redressing.


Our probes are made with a hardened end that is rounded and slightly larger than the probe shaft, allowing for low effort removal from the soil.